Power cord PVC 3*1.0 grey

Model: 017.001.027
Power cord PVC 3*1.0 grey
Country of origin: Russia
Power cord PVC 3*1.0 with euro-plug S22 on one end of the cable and stripped wires on the other.
− Total length of the cord - 1.7 m;
− Colour - grey;
− Type of the plug - S22.
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Composition of the cable PVC 3х1.0:
• Wire - copper, stranded, with cross-section 1.0 mm2
• Insulation -polyvinylchloride compound of different colours
• Shell - grey polyvinylchloride compound


Number of conductors 3
Nominal thickness of the PVC insulation 0,6 mm
shell 0,8 mm
Outside diameter of the PVC cable Min 6.8 mm
Max 7.6 mm
Operating temperature -25°C...+40°C
Max allowed temperature of the wires during operation +70°C
Min allowed cable bend radius 10 cable diameters
Rated voltage 380/660 V

Range of power cords with euro-plug

Cord colour black white grey
PVC 3*0,75 Power cord PVC 3*0,75 black Power cord PVC 3*0,75 white Power cord PVC 3*0,75 grey
PVC 3*1,0 Power cord PVC 3*1,0 black Power cord PVC 3*1,0 white Power cord PVC 3*1,0 grey
PVC 3*1,5 Power cord PVC 3*1,5 black Power cord PVC 3*1,5 white Power cord PVC 3*1,5 grey


Power cord with euro-plug dimensions

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