Residual current protective device 5SU1 324-7FA16

Model: 025.007.013
Residual current protective device 5SU1 324-7FA16
Manufacturer: Siemens
5SU1 324-7FA16 series RCBOs are a combination of an RCCB and a miniature circuit breaker in a compact design for personnel, fire and line protection.
RCBOs with a rated residual current of 30mA are used for personnel, material and fire protection, as well as for protection against direct contact.
The MCB part of the RCBO protects lines against overload and short circuits. Additional components of the 5SY miniature circuit breakers can be mounted at the side and carry out additional functions.

Technical characteristics

Rated voltage Un230VAC
Rated frequency fn50...60Hz
Rated current In16A
Rated residual current IΔn30mA
Rated switching capacity15kA according to IEC 60947-2
10kA according to EN 60898
Tripping characteristic classC
Number of pitch units for width3
Design of the fault-current typeA
Energy limiting class3
Resistance to impulse current1kA
Design of the productinstantaneous
Overvoltage categoryIII
Degree of pollution2
Degree of protectionIP20 (if the distribution board is installed, with connected conductors)
Service life (according to IEC/EN 61009)> 10 000 switching cycles
Number of poles2P
Touch protection (according to EN 50274)yes
Mounting positionany
Terminal conductor cross-section0,75...35 mm2 - solid and stranded
0,75...25 mm2 - finely stranded with end sleeve
Terminal tightening torque2.5 ... 3.0 N·m
Ambient temperature-25°C...+45°C
Storage temperature-40°C...+75°C


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