Residual current circuit breaker A9N19665 DPN N Vigi (AC type)

Model: 003.011.340
Residual current circuit breaker A9N19665 DPN N Vigi (AC type)
Manufacturer: Schneider Electric
Barcode: 3606480387302
The DPN N Vigi series residual current circuit breakers provide:
− protection of persons against electric shock by direct contact (≤30 mA).


circuit breaker applicationDistribution
rangeActi 9
product or component typeEarth leakage circuit breaker
product nameDPN Vigi
device short nameDPN N Vigi
poles description1P + N
neutral positionLeft
number of protected poles1
[In] rated current16 A at 30 °C
network typeAC
trip unit technologyThermal-magnetic
curve codeC
earth-leakage sensitivity30 mA
earth-leakage protection time delayInstantaneous
typeType AC
breaking capacity6000 A Icn at 230 V AC conforming to EN 61009


device location in systemOutgoer
[Ue] rated operational voltage230 V AC
magnetic tripping limit5...10 x In
residual current tripping technologyVoltage independent
[Ics] rated service breaking capacity6000 A at 230 V AC 50/60 Hz conforming to EN 61009
limitation class3 conforming to EN 61009
[Ui] rated insulation voltage400 V AC conforming to EN 61009
[Uimp] rated impulse withstand voltage4 kV conforming to EN 61009
contact position indicatorYes
control typeToggle
local signallingON/OFF indication
mounting supportDIN rail
9 mm pitches4
net weight0.19 kg
mechanical durability20000 cycles
electrical durability20000 cycles conforming to IEC 61009
connections - terminalsTunnel type terminals1 cable(s) 10 mm² flexible
Tunnel type terminals1 cable(s) 16 mm² rigid
earth-leakage protectionIntegrated


standardsEN/IEC 61009-2-1
EN/IEC 61009-1
pollution degree3 conforming to EN 61009
overvoltage categoryIII
tropicalisation2 conforming to EN 61009
relative humidity95 % at 55 °C
operating altitude2000 m
ambient air temperature for operation-5…60 °C
ambient air temperature for storage-40…60 °C


Dimensions of residual current circuit breaker DPN N Vigi series

Range of residual current circuit breakers of DPN N Vigi series

Type AC A Number
of modules
B = 9 mm
1P+N B curve Sensitivity 30 mA 300 mA 10 mA 30 mA 300 mA
RCCB scheme Rated current 4A A9N19650 A9N19752 4
6A A9N19651 A9N19671 A9N19753 A9N19763
10A A9N19653 A9N19673 A9N19754 A9N19764
16A A9N19655 A9N19675 A9N19756 A9N19766
20A A9N19656 A9N19676 A9N19757 A9N19767
25A A9N19657 A9N19677 A9N19758 A9N19768
32A A9N19658 A9N19678 A9N19759 A9N19769
40A A9N19659 A9N19679 A9N19760 A9N19770
1P+N C curve Sensitivity 30 mA 300 mA 10 mA 30 mA 300 mA
Rated current 4A 4
6A A9N19661 A9N19681 A9N19771 A9N19781
10A A9N19663 A9N19683 A9N19304* A9N19772 A9N19782
16A A9N19665 A9N19685 A9N19305* A9N19774 A9N19784
20A A9N19666 A9N19686 A9N19775 A9N19785
25A A9N19667 A9N19687 A9N19776 A9N19786
32A A9N19668 A9N19688 A9N19777 A9N19787
40A A9N19669 A9N19689 A9N19778 A9N19788
Rated voltage (Ue) 230VAC
Operating frequency 50/60 Hz
* Breaking capacity 4500A.

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