Mica heating element 1HZA2A760-003 2x750W 230Vac

Model: 008.008.023
Mica heating element 1HZA2A760-003
HZA series Mica heater is mainly used in air heating systmes such as air curtains, electrical cabinets, etc. The heating element consists of 2 heating wires with power 750W each. They are externally protected by Mica cover. A protective thermostat 100°C±5°C is integrated in the device to avoid overheating. When heater is switched off by the thermostat it can only be switched on again after cooling down and being disconnected from power supply.
Unit power 9.5W/cm2.
$3.26 $3.20
Available: 322 pcs

Mica heating elements

TypeL, mmA, mmUnit power, W/cm2Power, W at 230Vac
1HZA2A760 001260.0243.58.82 × 1250
1HZA2A760 002380.0363.59.22 × 1500
1HZA2A760 003320.5304.09.52 × 750
1HZA2A760 004320.5304.08.42 × 1000
1HZA2A760 0052001829.982 × 800


Heater 1HZA2A760-003

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