Strain relief bushing SB7R-3L

Model: 006.002.267
Strain relief bushing SB7R-3L
Strain relief bushing SB7R-3L is designed to hold a wire firmly in place and can be inserted securely into a hole in a panel using pliers or other suitable tools. It is used to insert wires and cables into electrical products. Protects the cord from the forces of bending, twisting, pulling and pushing.
It is made of nylon.
The color is black.
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Model nameSB7R-3L
MaterialNylon PA 66 (UL 94V-2)
Cable size, mmØ7.6 - 8.5
А, mm15.9
B, mm14.0
L, mm24.5
F, mm1.5 - 3.5


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