Solid state relay SSR-40AA-H

Model: 005.003.005
Solid state relay SSR-40AA-H
Manufacturer: Essima
Solid state relay SSR-40AA-H is used for non-contact commutation of power circuits of mechanisms.
$10.93 $5.82
Available: 217 pcs


Load current40A
Load voltage90-480VAC
Control voltage80-250VAC
Control current≤ 15mA
Leakage current in OFF state≤ 2mA
ON/OFF time delay≤ 10ms
Dielectric strength2500VAC
Insulation resistance1000 MOhm (at 500VDC)
Operating temperature-30°C...+75°C
Mountingwith screws on a plate

Dimensions and wiring diagram

Solid-state relay SSR-40AA-H dimensions and wiring diagram

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